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Call to Action- Defend Your Community

Press Release

Upper Gwynedd Republican Commitee

Upper Gwynedd Commissioners consider amending the Township’s Zoning Code. This action will unnecessarily contribute to the Township’s population density. 

At this meeting the Township’s Planning Consultant will be presenting an explanation of the rationale behind the Commissioners intentions. 

In recent months Upper Gwynedd Republicans have been tracking this initiative. We Republicans have yet to receive anything from the Board of Commissioners that remotely justifies the introduction of high density housing in a neighborhood where it does not belong. The site currently Zoned Light Industrial (LI), and is located off Pennbrook Parkway and Church Rd.

This action appears to be yet another example of our Township Commissioners falling in line with other Democrat controlled municipalities behind a national progressive political agenda that will contribute to the transformation of Upper Gwynedd in the direction of undesirable urbanization.

The Upper Gwynedd Township Republican Committee urges ALL concerned Township residents to attend the Commissioner meeting scheduled for Tonight. Monday, July 11th. @ 7:00 pm