About Us

Upper Gwynedd Township Republican Committee

Why am I a Republican?

I am a Republican because:

I believe in the American Dream— ensuring everyone the opportunity to work, succeed and prosper;

I believe in limiting government by preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution;  

I believe our nation must ensure the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness;

I believe in a strong national defense to keep Americans safe, defeat terrorism and promote peace throughout the world;

I believe in the unifying force of the Republicans Party’s vision of a brighter future for us all.

Our Principles

These are the principles that guide us:

  1. Sovereignty;
  2. Constitutional government— government powers are limited to those enumerated in the constitution;
  3. Federal republic of the states;
  4. Personal responsibility and civic participation;
  5. Rule of law;
  6. Justice as defined as equal application of the law;
  7. Private property;
  8. Market forces and consumer protection;
  9. Low taxation.

Our Purpose

Our purposes and objectives:

  1. Election to office of qualified Republican persons;
  2. Foster loyalty to the Republican Party;
  3. Promote an informed electorate through political education;
  4. Increase Republican Registration;
  5. Seek qualified Republicans to become candidates for, local, county, state and federal offices;
  6. Promote and support the election of all endorsed Republican candidates and endorsed ballot questions in Primary Elections;
  7. Promote and support the election of all Republican candidates and endorsed ballot questions in General Elections;
  8. In general to uphold the principles of freedom, equality and justice on which the Republican Party and the government are founded, was set forth in the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to uphold the Republican Party.


We are frequently asked about the structure of the Republican Party and the duties & responsibilities of Committee People. Recently, Montgomery County GOP prepared a Committee Person Handout. Please note the following information.


Political parties are structured very much like our government. There are Federal, State and Local representatives. Collectively, these groups of individuals are all called committees. Both Republicans and Democrats have National, State and Local “Committees.” Our County Republican group is called the Montgomery County Republican Committee. It functions as a part of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee which likewise works with the Republican National Committee.

Our County committee structure is broken down into 14 Areas, each with an Area Leader who’s charged with the responsibility to oversee the committee in all of their respective Municipalities. Each Municipality has a Municipal Leader, who’s charged with being a point of contact for all of the committee people within their municipal district. Both Area and Municipal Leaders maintain a working relationship with MCRC staff on various political issues facing the committee members, candidates and elected officials. 

The MCRC structure is as follows:
Liz Preate Havey, Chairman
Nancy J. Becker, Vice Chairman
Bill Mahoney, Treasurer
Julia Vahey, Executive Director
Area Leaders (Kathy Bowers, Area 13 Leader)
Municipal Leaders (Thom Estilow, CTRO Chair)
Committee Members (CTRO Members)


A committee person is a representative of a particular committee. In each district throughout the County, there are two committee people functioning as representatives of the Republican Party to all of the registered Republicans within their respective district. Once elected or appointed, new committee members are encouraged to attend committee person trainings held throughout the year. If a committee person has any questions regarding their role, they should contact the Executive Director at County HQ or their respective Municipal Leader.


In addition to manning the polls on Election Day, the members of the Republican Committee have 15 main functions in their districts:

  1. Represent the Republican Party to the registered Republicans within their voting district. They are a resource for information about the Republican Party.
  2. Register voters within their voting district.
  3. Recommend candidates for various elected offices.
  4. Provide vote by mail and absentee ballot applications.
  5. Answer voter questions about Republican candidates.
  6. Provide lawn signs upon request.
  7. Obtain petition signatures for State-level Representatives, Senators, Judges, and local Magistrates.
  8. Regularly attend MCRC and local committee endorsement meetings, training and business meetings.
  9. Maintain a good working relationship with Local, State and Federal elected officials and their staff.
  10. Help appoint Judge of Elections and Election Day poll workers.
  11. Meet with voters interested in serving the Party, also in local and state government and committees.
  12. Introduce new move-ins to Republican government and to voting in their district.
  13. Aid Municipal Chair/Area Leader with the needs of the voters, candidates, elected officials, and committee in their respective Area’s/Municipalities
  14. Maintain open relationship with County HQ for any needs, questions or suggestions.
  15. Exercise your voting rights when MCRC or local committee meetings are called, either in person or by proxy.


When handled properly, this is one of the most helpful services that a Committee Person can provide. People are very busy with their lives, and they should be able to rely on their Committee People to provide information on recommendations of the respective candidates for a particular office. This should be a helpful part of the process of electing a candidate. This is a very important responsibility for each Committee Person and needs to be taken very seriously.


Republicans are experiencing tremendous momentum this year, and it’s important that we capitalize on this energy by registering new voters and making sure EVERY Republican votes! Democrats in Montgomery County are currently enjoying a lead over Republicans in voter registration, and we must register new voters to improve our numbers. Voter registration and mail-in ballot applications are available at HQ and we can also assist with coordinating registration drives and mail-ballot mailings in your Municipality or Area.