Dear Upper Gwynedd Past Republican Voters:

These midterm elections are critical to our township, state and country!

We are experiencing agendas from our local politicians that are in lockstep with the radical left Democrats that are in control of our local, state and federal policies. Many of you have experienced what is happening in our schools, zoning, crime and tax policies.

This election is pivotal to the direction of our country!

Freedom is not Free. These are tight elections and Every vote matters!

Talk of turning things around mean nothing if we don’t vote! Democrats outnumber Republicans dramatically in mail-in voting!

We are asking you to please exercise your right and have your say by coming out next Tuesday November 8th and VOTE!

Please make a plan to come out and vote early!

Thank you in advance for exercising your right and duty to vote!

Yours respectfully,

Upper Gwynedd Republican Committee

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