Lies and Damned Lies

It is important to discern the difference between facts and Fake News. Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Budget Chair John Yarmuth (D-KY) are proponing false claims such as “Republicans are so hellbent on gutting social security and ending Medicare, as we know it, that they are willing to risk economic catastrophes to get it done.” Risk economic catastrophe to get it done? Speak for yourself, Rep. Yarmuth. 

In this Congress alone, Democrats have passed scathing spending legislation, including $19.2 billion on the recent Continuing Resolution, $5.5 trillion on Woke infrastructure, $3.5 trillion on the “Inflation Reduction Act,” $1.9 trillion on the “American Rescue Plan,” $52.7 billion on the CHIPS Act, and over $54 billion on foreign aid to Ukraine. 

It’s one thing to read the title of a Democrat bill before you vote on it; it’s entirely different to read the legislation itself. The American Rescue Plan will not rescue America. The Inflation Reduction Act will not reduce inflation. Spending money on other countries will not help our economy nor the well-being of American citizens. 

Trillions of the Democrats’ spending bills signed into law by Joe Biden have created the inflation and ensuing recession we are experiencing today. When Progressive Democrats like Madeline Dean claim that Republicans are creating an economic crisis, they need to look at the facts and reconsider such remarks.  Time to vote her out of your life.

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