Biden and Extremism

By Ross Schriftman

In President Biden’s disturbing tirade of a speech last Thursday in front of our Independence Hall, he called all of us who believe in American greatness, extremists and a “threat to democracy.”

His message was an attack on tens of millions of American farmers, ranchers, truck drivers, energy workers, moms and dads, soldiers, police officers, constructions workers, small business owners and their employees who work hard every day to help their communities and their nation.  These Americans do not make as much money as the elite speech writers and out-of-touch clueless White House staff that drafted Biden’s talking points.

Does Biden even know where the food, electricity and supplies come from that he and his administration’s staff enjoy?

So, is our support for our American constitutional republic and its limits on Federal government overreach extreme?  Is our right under our Constitution to challenge the results of an election right up to the time that Congress certifies who will serve as President extreme?  Does our right to be concerned about the unusual and unprecedented election activity in 2020 make us extreme?

Is it extreme to demand the rule of law and the constitutional rights applied for those accused of a crime to have a speedy trial rather than to rot in jail without trial and without the right of defense against accusations for almost two years?

So, what is extreme?  Here is a short, but not complete list.

Extremism is for our taxpayer dollars to be used by Federal agencies to work to shut down free speech on social media outlets of opinions they disagree with.

Extremism is supporting the brutal and painful killing of defenseless babies and the criminal attacks on pro-life resource centers as well as senators calling for the eliminate of these non-profit organizations that support both moms and their babies as well calling those who promote a culture of life for our nation as extremists.

Extremism is preventing doctors and other scientists who provide studies about a virus, its effects and treatments, to be censured and even fired if they have medical information that could help the American people, but does not conform with the orthodoxy of the high and mighty bureaucrats that control our very lives with their inflexible dogma?

Extremism is for government official and so-called medical experts, who should know better, promoting efforts for very young boys to become girls and very young girls to become boys.

Extremism is politicians calling out any questions about the course of government policy as extremism so that they do not have to face scrutiny and debate.

Who is really being extreme?

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