Upper Gwynedd Commissioners Ignore Community Concerns- Again

Residents grill board on project proposal early in the process

In a demonstration of their power over the Community, the Commissioners disregard the concerns of traffic congestion, water run off, pollution & urbanization of our Township despite campaign pledges to conserve open space & claims they wanted to improve the quality of life in Upper Gwynedd.

From the Sunday, July 24, 2022 Reporter:

UPPER GWYNEDD  Residents are continuing to sound off about a proposed project on Pennbrook Parkway in Upper Gwynedd. Several residents continued to ask for specifics on that proposed project, and township officials continue to say there’s nothing specific to discuss yet.

‘It has not been presented to the planning commission yet. I don’t have a date for you, because I’m not sure where we are in the process — we’re still reviewing the draft,’ said township Manager Sandra Brookley Zadell.” But the Commissioners and the Solicitor seem dazed and confused about transparency and process. They continue to put the quality of life of Upper Gwynedd Township residents in jeopardy. For the full text follow the link below:

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