Today is Madeleine Dean’s birthday. Her constituents have very little to celebrate.  

We can all feel just how much life has changed since last year with liberals like Dean in complete control of Washington. Here are just a few ways our country is much different than it was 12 short months ago: 

– Gasoline prices are up 55% – hitting record highs in all 50 states
– Diesel fuel prices are up 75%
– We have seen the most significant one-year inflation increase since 1981
– Baby formula is no longer available in American grocery stores
– American families have an average of $9,000 less in savings
– Unemployment has increased for women, Hispanic Americans, and Black Americans
– Gun violence and illegal possession are up more than 100% in Philadelphia and convictions have steeply declined

Madeleine Dean’s leadership is leaving Americans behind. It’s shameful.

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