Woodson Center’s 1776 Unites Movement 

The Fever of Identity Politics Drives Black America to the Republican Party

 “Low-income Black Americans don’t share elite definition of diversity.” – Bob Woodson 

Elites called out by African American Leaders for destroying culture and economic opportunities in America:

”It’s not only intolerant, but it’s insulting … they’re using the black issue about justice as the reason for the need for it [diversity], and I’m saying, that is just not shared by the majority of Black Americans.  So, Black America, low-income Black Americans, do not share this passion for ‘racial diversity’ that is being thrust on down by Black and White elites.”    They don’t identify as victims.  The main beneficiaries of ‘diversity” hiring and training are already members of the elite and elite wannabes.  The Code Switchers fooling the public.  Whenever you hear “Diversity Inclusion Equity” (DIE)  think grifter or “snake oil” saleswoman.   

To borrow from President Obama’s lexicon, their peddling ”trickle-down snake oil” and the gullible can’t get enough.  

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