Press Release

Issued by:  Upper Gwynedd Township Republican Committee

Without disclosure or discussion at the Board’s February 7,2022 Public Workshop Meeting the Upper Gwynedd Township Board of Commissioners are poised to appoint a Public Relations firm, Galiey-Murray at an initial expense of $ 30,000.00.  This appointment if approved at their Public Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 15th will take place regardless of the fact that there appears to be NO evidence that the Township prepared a Request for Proposal where the scope of work would be defined by the Township.  There is also NO evidence that the Township interviewed other firms or even considered other firms.  The decision to hire Galliey-Murray seems exclusively based on the recommendations of several other area Townships who coincidentally are controlled by the Democratic party.

Based on the appointment rationale memorandum written by Township Manager, Sandra Zadell the first priority project for Galiey-Murray is to assist the Township with the controversial and unjustified Open Space acquisition of the Martin Tract located at South Broad and Allentown Road.

At the September, 2021 the Board of Commissioners Meeting the Board was fully prepared to begin the condemnation process on the Martin Tract. That evening, their action failed to be approved due the public statements made by a group of concerned citizens, and the objections of the property owner, Mr. Thomas Martin. Mr. Martin stated that he was not given the courtesy or even advised by the Township that the Board was going to condemn his family’s property.  The Board of Commissioners seemed stunned and due to the fortuitous absence of one Board member the action failed with a 2-2 tie vote.  The Commissioners are a five (5) member Board.  After being fully prepared to condemn private property in September at an expense of $ 2.9 million the Board of Commissioners now believe they need the help of Public Relations Firm to justify their actions at the expense of at least $ 30,000.00 of tax dollars

Upper Gwynedd Republicans question the need and secrecy that is at the heart of this proposed action.  We urge the taxpayers of Upper Gwynedd to oppose this wasteful and unjustified expenditure of tax dollars.

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